KOKO KOTTON is about a Portuguese girl who moved to London and discovered herself. No! Don't expect a fancy cliche story behind this venture. I won't say I'm the small town girl who left home and next thing I knew I was surrounded by the salty rain smell and the sweet english accent while chasing the dream I've got since I was a child.

Truth behind the scenario is my boyfriend moved in to join an IT company and I was actually afraid of taking the step. Leave my family, all my friends, my sunny and colourful country over a crowded huge city, crazy and cloudy kind of life. Well, few months later I finally took the chance and joined the IT boy.
Here I am! Regretted?! I can't close my eyes.

London? This tower is alive!
Primrose Hill, view, sunset, cherry blossom, love, pink, river, music, Camden Town, tourists, tattoos, street style, modern, vintage, retro, music, gigs, KoKo, accents, pubs, foreigners, Notting Hill, style, castle like houses, pancakes, wine, denim, romantic, fashion, cup of tea, classic, banana bread, preppy, chocolate, shoes, ice cream, trend, lipstick, waffles, layers, cherry blossom again. And I could spend the all day listing all the things I love about this pretty country. I don't even mind the rain. The accents make me happy. This is now my home!

Why KOKO KOTTON? I do not want to let you down but there's no exciting tale about that either. I was not in my balcony drinking a glass of wine when the name came to my mind. You know what? I don't even have a balcony.
In fact, it was 3am and I had literally been trying to find a name since 11pm. I was desperate, almost giving up, when I took a break to check the website of one of my favourite places in town: KoKo! The small romantic venue in the heart of Camden Town, where some true music legends grace that stage.
And even though it isn't a fairy tale, I'm still ok with it. KOKO KOTTON is love. KOKO KOTTON is what I am.

And who am I? I'm the girl who would love to sing on the underground. Why? Do I need a reason?!
I have a penchant for layers, and I love pastel, but black is just my colour. Surprisingly, I prefer the winter. I have an obsession for coats. As I said, layers and layers on top of layers. Everyone says what is funny about me is that I'm tiny but loud and happy. I've got blue eyes, which goes well with my navy winter coat and my blue cashmere jumper. Shoes? I don't even know what that is. I'm a trainers kind of girl.
Believe it or not, I don't like flowers, but there's something about cherry blossom trees that takes my breath away. I can't survive without my everyday mango granola milkshake and banana bread is just my thing. My place? Primrose Hill, where I can see everything. Where would I like to be lost? Streets of London.
Oh, and... I'm Ana, by the way!

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