Summer suitcase staples

When it comes to travel, packing is my nightmare as it is for many of us. It literally gets me stressed.
Is it gonna be warm and sunny?! Is it gonna be windy and, even worse, will it rain and ruin my outfit mood?! Yeah, I did say before I love the winter, but it's a rainless kind of one.
And I tell you a secret. A weird thing about myself. What stresses me out the most is the feeling that I might lose some of my favourite pieces on the way. So I never take what I really need and, worse than that, what makes me feel like I'm walking in heaven. But I'm actually working on that and I can see some progress.

As the summer is here, the packing time is just around the corner, too. So I decided to give you some tips. Tips I'm using myself so that packing isn't a nightmare anymore.

To make everything easier I pack classic essentials that can work on a broad range of occasions. So a good pair of jeans as well as a perfect shape shirt are always in my off to go case.
I also try to go for basic clean patterns. Pieces that can go with everything. Monochromatic colours are always a choice. Black and white can take you anywhere but I must agree that during the summer period a bit of colour and light is welcomed, too.

This time, my choice is that famous pastel shade power. Pastel is just inevitable this season. It's like a fresh touch in our wardrobes.
Tiago complains about my black and dark blue dressing addiction. So I guess my blue and pink pastel basic tee just saved my life. At least for now.

Basic t-shirts give us a relaxed look as well as a modern elegant shape when matched with the right garments. A simple pair of culottes or basic black pants are the winners and also indispensable in any suitcase this summer. They make the perfect outfit on any occasion.
A cardigan is also a must take. Despite the summer mood, we always welcome a cardigan when the evening rise starts. I always go for a black or a navy blue one, so that I don't need to worry if it's gonna match the rest of the outfit look.

When it comes to shoes, you all know the answer - TRAINERS.
I even use them when I need to dress up for a dinner occasion. They are kind of my uniform. Everyday piece. No matter what, they make me feel comfortable and elegant at the same time. So if I have the perfect pair of trainers, I don't need anything else.
But my last investment was actually these special Teva Sandals. They are just a thing. Besides going perfectly well with any bottom piece, they even remind me my walks across the river when I was a little child. Shout out to my lovely parents who made me wear them. And it was kind of difficult at first, but I'm happy they didn't give up easily. I can't take them out these days. Thanks to them.

Last but not least, I always bring my iPad and my notebook. To make me feel as if I'd never left home.
I use my iPad to stay up to date on my favourite blogs and to check what's new coming from my favourite brands.
My notebook? Well, that's where I keep all my simple thoughts, next to my endless to do list. Carefully organised which makes me feel safe.
And as you might all agree, a fashion magazine is always a good company, too.

COS basic t-shirts and jeans, & Other Stories shirts and skirt, Teva sandals

To Sardinia with love: part one

Since I'm surrounded by Italian people pretty much every day (working at Zara is a multicultural experience, I'm telling you), I had been asking Tiago, the IT boy who I've already spoken about, to take me to Sardinia. I had enough of my friends telling me it is one of the most beautiful places in the world and their Instagram feeds making me anxious. So I went after some real proof. And Sardinia it was.

With my birthday coming and as my skin needs a soft kiss of sun at least once a year (well, the sun is not that soft there, believe me), Tiago found the perfect occasion to give us some quality time together, far away from work, the London underground and everyday routine. Just the two of us. Well, at least that's what we were expecting before we got there and met a really sweet Italian family.


You might all have heard about Airbnb. There's always a first time for everything and this was ours. Gone are the days of impersonal hotel towels and twin beds joint together.
A mystery dirt road led us to this pretty and cozy house. Casa Anna. That's how they decided to call it. It's amazing the feeling of wondering what you are gonna find at the end. While we were traversing that path the expectations were not very high but all of a sudden... surprise. It was just happiness.

A very kind and lovely Italian lady was expecting us. Marzia. Her name. Well, a house with my first name and a lady with my second one it has to be just a sweet coincidence and a good start of the perfect week, I thought. And so it was.

Marzia didn't speak english at all. And that's somethig you will struggle with if you are planning to visit Sardinia. As a Portuguese it was not that difficult to understand the fast and loud Italian language. It's kind of similar to Portuguese after all. And working at Zara brought some advantages to my life. So all the gesture language made us laugh pretty much all the time and definitely made the week.

Our room was just perfect. I couldn't ask for more. Cozy, lovely colours, sweet details and perfect lines. The deco made us totally feel at home. Simple and beautiful. The way Marzia stretched the bed sheets everyday made me remind my childhood. Perfectly done as a grandma. My grandma.
She had this attention to detail and precious kindness, putting flowers on my bedside table making me smile every night before closing my eyes.

Every morning there was a high-expectation for breakfast, since Marzia has definitely turned up the heat in the kitchen. Nearly everything that comes out of the kitchen is made in-house, and it will feel like you are sitting around the table of an Italian family home. Actually you are.
Despite not having my every morning mango granola milkshake, all the colours and the relaxed atmosphere made me happy. And let me tell you that the Marzia's vanilla tea is just something. My body didn't even miss the milkshake after all, which is weird.
The breakfast room also has an amazing view towards the well cared and beautiful garden. I could easily get used to it.

Our balcony also holds some special memories.
That's where I would sit everyday after coming back from a long day in a paradisiac beach. Listening to some music and sometimes even drinking some Italian wine while eating the best pomodoro and the softest formaggio.
For a few moments I felt like a completely Italian girl, living the Italian dream. A small home in the middle of nowhere surrounded by love.

The common areas were also just simple perfection.
I just fell in love with the antique piano in the living room. Of course I don't play piano. But the atmosphere there is so overwhelming that I even tried to. Without any success. Me, and everyone around, could tell. 

Let's not forget Sandra. The small Dachshund dog of the house who Marzia takes care of extremely well. She also welcomed us in her home and warmed our hearts. I miss her and her sweet way.

Casa Anna made us feel special.
Airbnb will definitely be from now on our first option. It's a very personal experience for all of us. We miss Marzia and her family but I believe they miss us as well. It's amazing what this experience can bring into you and into your life. Staying with people from different countries and different cultures in their own home.

I will never forget the way Marzia hugged me as we were leaving nor the words she whispered. The Italian words that touched my heart. Meravigliosa. Come una figlia.

We all have different backgrounds but there's something that we all share - we all just want to be happy and enjoy life.
Welcome home with Airbnb.

The piece of the season

Many of us face a skirt as an every day piece.
Well, that's not entirely true when it comes to my dressing routine. I would rather save a skirt for 'good'. When I say for 'good' it means for after dark. For a dinner out, a gig, or even for a night out with the girls on a lovely and quiet balcony. The rest of the time I'm guilty of the shirt and pants daytime uniform. Maybe, I would say, because I feel more comfortable with a nice pair of trousers. They make me feel safe.

But, as we all know, the skirt is just the piece of the season. Tucking in a blouse, shirt or even a tee, it's always an easy and modern option. So, I admit this season is taking the best of me and I took this little dark blue one on a sunny afternoon walk.

Since I'm not a skirt girl, I opted for a high-waisted version combined with a very simple tee. So the outfit doesn't seem too eye-catching.
Trainers? Well, the trainers are as my morning milkshake. Every day is the day.

Koko kulottes

I've got news. I've just arrived from my summer holiday.
Yeah, I can confirm I wrote this same post at a paradisiac Italian beach, surrounded by crystal-clear sea and incredible white sand, in case anyone out there was wondering.
How was it? Well, Sardinia is heaven on hearth. The perfect landscape if you are after a quiet and disconnected break.

We all know how difficult it is to dress up when we are on holiday. Specially on summer ones. So, when it comes to that, comfort is key. In this case, I always try to go for basics, matching them with memorable but still easy pieces. Every woman wants to feel beautiful. And fashion is how we feel.

I must admit when culottes first came out, I was not completely sure about this trend. I actually tried many of them before I finally bought my first pair. But once I did it, it was difficult to take them out. They are a mysterious kind of passion - you start to hate them to just love them.

I chose these Zara cream ones. And... no regrets! The high-waisted cut emphasises my waist and their simplicity make them easy to go with. Whether matching them with a basic tee for a summer look, or pairing them with a smart shirt and the perfect shoes, you are ready for a night out in the city.

I've matched them with an & Other Stories dusty blue shirt. This was my last investment but it already turned into one of my favourite and effective pieces of my crazy wardrobe. Totally worth it. The dusty perfect blue is just gonna make my summer, I believe. The lightness of the fabric makes me feel confortable and fresh. It's simple and perfect for any occasion. The & Other Stories leather slippers are still getting me out of my mind. Black and minimal. What else can we ask for?

& Other Stories Shirt, Zara Culottes, DKNY Cross Shoulder Bag, & Other Stories Slippers