The piece of the season

Many of us face a skirt as an every day piece.
Well, that's not entirely true when it comes to my dressing routine. I would rather save a skirt for 'good'. When I say for 'good' it means for after dark. For a dinner out, a gig, or even for a night out with the girls on a lovely and quiet balcony. The rest of the time I'm guilty of the shirt and pants daytime uniform. Maybe, I would say, because I feel more comfortable with a nice pair of trousers. They make me feel safe.

But, as we all know, the skirt is just the piece of the season. Tucking in a blouse, shirt or even a tee, it's always an easy and modern option. So, I admit this season is taking the best of me and I took this little dark blue one on a sunny afternoon walk.

Since I'm not a skirt girl, I opted for a high-waisted version combined with a very simple tee. So the outfit doesn't seem too eye-catching.
Trainers? Well, the trainers are as my morning milkshake. Every day is the day.

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  1. Beautiful outfit and photos. I love the b&w look and elegant/casual combination!