Holiday blues

I shouldn't have left the jeans outfit option for the last days of holiday.
As we all know, Italy means pizza and pasta. And let me tell you I've done quite well in regards to that. So it was kind of difficult to get these lovely blue ones zipped at the end, after all that.
Well, back in London, back on track.

All my life I've loved the instant sexiness of denim. But I always have some problems when it comes to finding the perfect shape jeans. Normally, they're either too tight or too loose. Both too long or too cropped. Too dark. Too light. Every women has a different body shape so different needs, too.

These COS washed jeans were just love at first sight. The cut is simple and that's what I love about them. They fit perfectly giving me a shape that I feel totally comfortable with.
The slightly cropped cut gives a mysterious touch to my ankle, leaving something for the imagination, making them adorable.
Their simplicity also make them suitable for any occasion. For a mojito on the beach pairing them with a relaxed tee, which gives you a comfy and fresh look. Perfect for summer. Alternatively you can match them with a simple shirt and a nice pair of sandals and you are ready to go anywhere.
Denim is denim after all.

Sardinia is all about different shades of blue and I completely jumped into the mood with this & Other Stories soft blue sweater.

And now I'm having that holiday blues. But... this summer is all about blue anyway.


  1. Beautiful photos!

    1. Thanks for all the support Sara. Your blog is just perfect. keep working on that!