Home sweet home

I walked past this house and just fell in love.

It might sound like those cliche movies about an american girl who broke up with her boyfriend and decided to go on a trip to Italy to move on and find herself. And all of sudden finds a beautiful old house in the middle of nowhere. She buys it, refurbishes it, and later falls in love with a sexy and tall Italian guy.
Well, movies!
No, I'm not that girl. But I admit I would like to move to Italy one day, not anytime soon. Spend my days in a small and lovely garden. Drinking wine and eating cheese. Learning that harmonious language. Speaking with neighbours while going out to buy bread from the van that stops by my home door. Enjoying the Italian happiness.
I believe I will do it one day. But today is just not the day.

Tiago and I just invaded this lovely property and it was quite fun. We were kind of nervous feeling we could be caught at any point. So we just took some quick photos and we ran away. But not too far.

There's a story behind these black trousers.
I walked into a vintage store with my mum. She is my best shopping partner in crime.
I tried these second hand ones on and it didn't even take me one second before I decided I had to take them home.
Since they were second hand, my mum washed them straight away. Mums, you know?! I turned my iron on for the first time in years, I confess. That iron is only used when my mum comes to visit me. She wanted to iron them but I decided to interrupt her and iron them myself and guess what? I just burned them.
The mark is still there and I'm still living on them. Anyway.
This is love!

I pair them with this COS basic tee. Now on sales. So just go for it. The pastel blue made my holiday.
My velcro Lacoste trainers are also the best option for the summer period, when I'm a bit lazier and can't be bothered with shoe laces. Shout out to the lovely girl who sold them second hand as well on eBay. No regrets.
The simplicity of the outfit makes me feel comfortable. Perfect summer look.

Vintage trousers, COS basic tee, DKNY cross shoulder bag, Velcro Lacoste trainers

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