70's mood? Yes, please!

Are flared trousers really back in style? I still remember how happy my bell bottom jeans made me feel throughout my life. This bohemian trend takes me back to my youth. To my iPod and backpack. I used to style them with everything since I don't remember having any other type of trousers apart from these high waisted retro ones. And the most incredible?! I felt totally perfect about it. I used to love them. I used to love them until I started to hate them. And love them again.

We all know fashion is cyclical. The bell bottom just lost it somehow to the skinny bottom. Apparently until now. Flared trousers are everywhere. Black, leather, white, denim, burgundy, grey. No matter what the colour or texture is, the 70's mood is screaming. And what's wrong with that? They are perfect to enhance the silhouette and they tend to lengthen the legs. So, girls, what are you waiting for?

I couldn't help myself so I went for these creamy ones. Definitely cream doesn't make me feel as comfortable as black does, but the cut is just perfect and the price?! Well, the price was unbelievable, since I found them in a second hand vintage store. So, it was a win-win!
How to style them? I would say you need to find the balance. Proportion is everything. So I've paired them with a smart white shirt to give me some shape and to highlight my waist.
The Zara coat is one of the favourite pieces of clothing inside my wardrobe. It's so basic and simple but so elegant and classy at the same time. Living in England, no wardrobe is complete without a warm coat and this one definitely does the job!
In the end, it is the coat that makes the whole outfit work.

Vintage Trousers, & Other Stories Shirt, Zara Coat, DKNY Cross Shoulder Bag, Adidas Superstar Trainers

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